The beggest Japanese motorcycle show,2009 Joints custom bike show held on April 19th at Nagoya, Japan. There were so many spectatotors making line for entrance even though before the gate open. Inside of the exhibition hall, vender and builder booth were packed by clothing shop, parts dealer and fabricate shop from across the country. They brought their new products and show bikes. At stage, live performancese, ride-in-contest and air brush demonstration were held and cought so much attention from audience. Spectator attendace was about 7500,a number of visiters bikes was about 3500 and over 200 show bikes, those numbers are largest numbes in Japan. Free vender booths will be available for overseas builders, distributers and artists at 2010 Joints custom bike show scheduled April 11th. We absolutely sure the show getting more famous and can't miss it. All inquirys and more details, visit their website TEL 0566-73-6113 from MITSU




by JOINTS-MITSU | 2009-05-28 21:27 | JOINTS
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